OnPage Priority Messaging for IT Administrators

“I originally setup my iPhone to receive email alerts from Nagios but the emails were too slow.. I tried SMS but it was driving me crazy because I didn’t know if someone was messaging me or if it was Nagios. I went to the Apple App store and found OnPage.  The app works extremely well. I’ve never missed a page and every time a page comes through, I am able to easily distinguish the tone.  As an IT professional, I would highly recommend this app for mission critical systems.” ~ Gou Yang, server system administrator, Model N.

Elevate and Separate Critical Messages

OnPage Secured Messaging HIPAA compliant messaging Server admins, disaster recovery personnel continuity specialists, operation managers, IT help desks and other IT personnel from all corporations rely on OnPage.  All businesses, in particular cloud-based businesses, live and die by the reliability of their servers. Server downtime means company downtime – revenue loss, reputation damage, and potential customer defections.

OnPage, a secure messaging pager app for iPhone, Blackberry & Android smartphones, seamlessly integrates with all the leading monitoring tools such as Nagios, Solarwinds, CloudKick, Zabbix, Zenoss, Remedy, Netapp DFM, Vmware Virtual CenterMicrosoft OPSMGR and many more – If it can send an email or work via a modem, it will work with OnPage.

OnPage can also be initiated from any phone which is ideal for the IT help desk. Just ask your customers to dial the OnPage toll free number and follow the instructions.  For large group notifications use the OnPage Control System. Send secure messages to an individual, a group, or the entire company and track when messages were received, read and responded to, recipient by recipient. OnPage is the only technology for smartphones that rises above all other communication channels to make sure critical alerts from your IT systems or help desks grab your attention immediately, even if you’re sleeping. Don’t get stuck in Email or SMS Hell.  Priority alerts must stand out from the stream of hard-to- distinguish SMS texts, or slow-to-arrive, lower alert priority emails.

Setting Up Your Alerts Is Easy

Go to your monitoring provider’s website and follow the instructions to set-up an “email alert”. Enter your {Onpage ID} @OnPage.com in the space provided for email alerts – It’s that simple! Message Notification Elimination: When connecting your monitoring system to OnPage, you may not need the Deliver/Read notifications sent back to your system. You can eliminate notifications sent back by simply adding “%npr%” to the beginning of the message subject line and OnPage will cease to send delivered, read, or reply emails back to the sending address.

Key advantages of OnPage for IT:

  • Priority alerts Rise above the clutter™ of all other messages on your smartphone
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing IT system monitoring solutions and messaging consoles
  • Same low monthly rate for unlimited messages – Don’t pay by the message!
  • Alerts can be initiated from any phone – Ideal for Help Desk
  • Alerts can be sent to an individual, group, or an escalation group
  • Persistent, distinguishable tone and visual alert is repeated until the message is read
  • Works anywhere in the world where there’s Cell or WiFi coverage!
  • Uses data channels rather than congested voice channels to ensure your message gets through
  • Message receipt and message read confirmation
  • Message Forwarding to other OnPage users or groups
  • Messages can be as long as 1024 characters vs.160 SMS characters
  • Hosted, secure facilities,  SAS 70 certified and SSAE 16 compliant fully redundant infrastructure
  • Secure, encrypted transmission for sending passwords, and other compliance mandated communications
  • Ability to remotely wipe a users application
  • Disable your return email notifications by “%nrp%” to the beginning of the message subject


Some Of Our Customers


“As a cloud-based business with multiple server monitoring solutions, we chose OnPage because it works globally and is much more reliable than traditional paging services. Unlike traditional paging services, it offers persistent alerting in order to ensure that we maintain our high levels of uptime. My entire operations team gets an alert on their smartphone that will continue until our on call engineers attend to it. ~Michael Kipp, Site Operations – Vocus OnPage is easy to start and is available immediately, just follow the steps below:

  1. Get a free download for your iPhoneiPadiPod TouchBlackBerry or Android device.
  2. Use the OnPage pager application free for a 14-day risk-free trial
  3. Choose the rate plan that’s right for you.
  4. Subscribe to OnPage