IT Alerts: How to Improve Responsiveness


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As an IT Professional, receiving CRITICAL alerts in a timely manner can be the difference between company up-time and down-time.  You need to ensure that you receive these alerts promptly and effectively in order to ensure operations are running smoothly.  To accomplish this, you must first increase your response rates to these CRITICAL messages. This can be done by starting with these three, very important actions.

 1) Ensure your IT team gets alerted immediately on their mobile devices about pending problems or performance degradation with a unique continuous alert.

Your team needs to have a distinguishable and persistent alert that will immediately grab their attention and will keep them from ever missing a message. Using SMS or email for CRITICAL alerts should be omitted for this reason.

OnPage has a very distinct alert that will grab your attention immediately. The alert is persistent and will continue to page you for up to 8 hours! The OnPage Alerts are discernible from other smartphone sounds such as SMS or email alerts. With OnPage, you know right away when you are receiving a CRITICAL message.

 2) Make certain a redundancy is in place for the person on duty by having a backup person that receives the alerts if those didn’t get handled timely.

Nothing ever goes as planned so always make sure you have a backup or redundancy plan in place. If someone cannot receive messages, you need to have a system in place where you can either send or forward that message on to another user to ensure the message does not go ignored.

OnPage allows you multiple options for redundancies and backup plans. With OnPage, you can send to groups and escalation groups to ensure someone receives the message at all times, or you can simply add an email or SMS redundancy onto a page.  If an OnPage user is busy or cannot answer a message, they can also easily forward that message on to another user.

 3) Have a system in place for acknowledging messages. Having audit trails or quick responses can let the team know you received the page and can improve response rates drastically.

Knowing if and when the message gets received is vital. Have a system in place where the sender of the message can see the exact time and date of when the message was received. Or ensure quick responses to let the team know you received the message and are taking action. Not having any message acknowledgement can delay response rates immensely.

OnPage allows you to have full time stamped audit trails of all messages sent. Know the exact date and time of when a message was sent, delivered, read and received- all in real time! With OnPage you can also send pre-defined responses letting the sender know you received the message.


OnPage can help you accomplish all of these actions and help you dramatically improve server down-time, decrease loss of productivity and better yet accomplish it all before EOD

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