OnPage – Cisco Spark Integration

OnPage’s Cisco Spark integration, the perfect tool for enterprise communication, adding critical, time-sensitive, messaging capability to the communication channel. All your files and conversations are in one place with Cisco Spark and so is the time-stamped audit trail of the communication with OnPage. Accessible securely through the cloud on your devices. Cisco Spark allows you to message, commence video calls and even share your screen.

The Cisco Spark Integration is easy. To integrate Cisco Spark with OnPage follow these simple steps.

Cisco Spark Integration

Cisco Spark brings your teams together and makes it easy to keep people and work connected. Securely send messages, share files, and meet face-to-face with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

  • Keep Spark for Mac or Windows running at your desk. Drag and drop files right into the conversation, answer a call, or share your screen during a video call.
  • Use Spark for Web anywhere you can open a browser. No install required. You’ll get the best of Spark — even video calling!
  • Download Spark on your phone and tablet and stay connected from planes, trains, or cafes. Jump into a video call and view shared screens from wherever you are.