Cygnus Decreases Costs and Improves Response Time

OnPage facilitates Cygnus’ growth of 25% per year through efficiency, cost reduction and improved response to critical alerts

OnPage, a leading provider of incident management technology, has helped Cygnus Systems Inc., reduce the time it takes to respond to critical alerts. In a case study released today, OnPage details how through Cygnus System’s integration of OnPage’s technology and ConnectWise, Cygnus has been able to spend less on its answering service, reduce waiting time for its customers and improve the quality of response by its engineers. The sum of these efforts has allowed the company to grow by 25% over the past year.

Slashing response time to critical alerts and getting IT to work as quickly as possible to resolve incidents was key for Cygnus. Inefficient issue resolution, limited visibility of issues and fragmented communications can plague MSPs if not handled efficiently and quickly. Cygnus had to assure its clients of end-to-end service delivery and provide constant uptime per the terms of their contractual SLAs. Cygnus has designed and governed end-to-end processes that enable the company to manage customer contractual relationships.

cta for cygnus case study

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