Missing alerts?

Receiving vague critical messages?

Lacking automation?



It can cost you millions! OnPage helps IT Professionals, DevOps practitioners and teams to collaborate and resolve incidents quickly!

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Communicate with the right team  Slide1

When IT breaks down you need OnPage to send you critical alerts. Our web console allows you to reach to your on-call team via multiple channels until they respond (OnPage messages, voice attachment, SMS, e-mail and phone redundancies), or automatically escalate to the next incident resolver on the on-call list. We have a scheduler that automates on-call rotations and escalations, ensuring the right teams never miss any alerts thus making faster incident resolution possible. 

Rich alerts facilitates communications


OnPage let’s you use voice and image attachments to facilitate communication and makes sure the right teams have all the information they need to resolve an incident. With the right information your team drives up its efficiency. Users can quickly reply to messages with full-length instructions or quick pre-defined responses.

Foster collaboration


There is a natural divide present between Development teams and Operations. OnPage’s seamless built-in messaging with attachments fosters easy communication and collaboration within teams. We integrate with informal messaging platforms like Slack and Spark to optimize critical alerting with-in the chats.  

Reduce alert fatigue with focused critical alerts. 


Constantly checking your mobile device to see if you missed an alert? Are you on a constant state of alert when on-call? Has a critical alert gotten buried with other notifications? OnPage’s unique alerting platform pushes the alert persistently for up to 8 hours and is hard to ignore. It will only stop alerting once the message is acknowledged by the recipient. Critical messages are sent straight to the app. 

Automate communication 


OnPage’s integrations with monitoring tools allows you to automate sending critical alerts when something goes terribly wrong. OnPage offers easy-to-install integrations to extend the capabilities of a multitude of messaging, scheduling and monitoring systems, including ConectWise and Kaseya. Developers and software vendors use our API to enhance their existing in-house applications or application suites.

Measure performance  


Our Audit Trail allows you to track messages and alerts sent to teams and incident resolvers, allowing you to map their progress through the incident. Improving on reducing the time taken to resolve an incident saves your company revenue.



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