Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Onset Technology

National disasters can strike with our without notice.

Given recent events with the Virginia centered earthquake and hurricane Irene, no one is more keenly aware of this than residents, businesses and agencies residing and doing business along the US Eastern seaboard.  From the Capitol Region on up through New York and even points further north, the country experienced multiple emergency situations. We thank our Federal Agencies for their preparedness, poise and response.

In grave situations such as these, it’s vital that Federal employees have a clear channel of communications with managers, coworkers and team members to navigate through the various challenges and emergencies that arise. One key way to achieve this is by tapping into their organization’s mobile deployment. Mobile connection ensures messaging continuity with uninterrupted communication and access to critical information (BC/COOP).

Onset Technology is used by a considerable number of Federal Government Agencies. Those agencies depend on the Onset METAmessage Emergency Communications (EC) for their Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP) & Disaster Recovery (DR) messaging and communications.

So how did Onset Technology perform during the most critical of times?

Quite well, thank you. Our services literally weathered the storm (and quake) with predicable reliability. No interruption of service meant that all our clients were able to use our communication services with assurance when they needed them most.

One large Federal Agency in Washington, DC commented that “Things were crazy and with such chaos. Been on my smart phone non-stop. Onset METAmessage is working hard and has been up all along!”

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