OnPage for Emergency & First Responders

 “We have established a new unit to support our staff, and wanted the latest technology to ensure access to this unit at all times. Traditional pagers were not an option for us because the coverage is too spotty and carrying an additional communication device in this day and age is just not acceptable.”

-Chief Deputy Warren Panem- Lee County EMS

OnPage for First Responders

When it comes to emergencies, communication is crucial.  First responders and emergency personnel need immediate, secure, and reliable messaging to ensure fast responses and actions.  Taking chances on unreliable messaging solutions are not an option when people’s lives are at stake.  With OnPage, First responders and Emergency Personnel can breathe easy knowing that they will be notified immediately, persistently, and intelligently so that they can take the appropriate action when needed.

OnPage for First Responders and Emergency Personnel provides security to those organizations that rely on priority messaging every day.


 “I have used OnPage for the last couple months. It has proven it’s weight in gold especially recently when we had a tragedy occur. I was immediately paged when an individual went missing which I probably would have not known for hours due to being in meetings with my phone on silent. Without going into specifics, it sure was instrumental in my quick response to the situation.”

– Don Hovart – US Security Associates – Portage, IN and Lansing, Il

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Key Advantages of OnPage for First Responders & Emergency Professionals

  • Multiple ways to send a message to an OnPage user
  • Global Connectivity –  Works where ever you have cellular or wireless (wi-fi) coverage
  • Persistent alert & repeated delivery  – Never lose a message
  • Audible alert overrides device profile if set to silent
  • Full reply capabilities including convenient one-touch pre-defined responses
  • Proof positive confirmation – know when a page is delivered, read, or replied to
  • Remotely Wipe the app if lost, missing or stolen
  • Messaging Forwarding

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