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OnPage Applications & Services


I am a new user, how do I get an OnPage ID?

Go to www.OnPage.com and select "Get OnPage", or register directly from your smartphone; visit your AppStore to install the OnPage application.

How can people send me OnPage priority messages?

1. Email: [email protected] 2. Phone: + 1 (855) 2-ONPAGE (266-7243) or one of the OnPage global access numbers 3. From the OnPage app

How do I start receiving OnPage Priority messages on my Smartphone?

Getting Priority Messages on your Smartphone is as easy as installing the OnPage application and signing up for your OnPage ID, then making sure that the important people in your life know how they can reach you.

Can I reply to OnPage messages I receive?

Yes, users can reply with both canned responses and/or free text.

Can I send a priority message to multiple OnPage users?

Yes! When composing a new message from the Web, mobile application, or email, simply separate each OnPage ID by a semicolon (example by email: [email protected]; [email protected])

Can the sender find out the status of the message sent?

Yes, OnPage communicates back to the sender when a message is received, read and replied from your Smartphone.

Will the sender get status notifications for messages sent via OnPage telephone service (855-2-OnPage)?

Yes. With the new OnPage-Cisco Integration the sender will be notify if the message was sent successfully to the intended recipient or if the recipient is in "pager-Off" mode.

Do I need to give out my cell phone number or email in order to receive a page?

No. When you register for an OnPage account you'll choose a unique OnPage ID so your mobile phone number and email remain private.

Can OnPage be used as a Pager replacement?

Yes, the OnPage application adds the functionality of a pager to your Smartphone, providing you with the urgency and simplicity of the traditional pager combined with the convenience and advanced functionality of your Smartphone.

Can I ignore the OnPage alert?

OnPage will continuously alert you until acknowledged and read.

Is there an audit trail of the messages and their receipts?

The OnPage Business edition provides a complete audit trail including Delivery, Read, and Reply confirmations.

Does OnPage support non-Latin Text?

At this time OnPage only supports Latin text input.

Can I use OnPage on my Smartphone while I am in the hospital?

Yes, subject to the hospital policies. OnPage relies on data and leverages cellular and Wi-Fi, hence you can run your OnPage application on any supported device inside the hospital.

Is it safe to use my Smartphone while I am in the hospital?

Yes, subject to the hospital policies. A study by Mayo Clinic researchers dispels the notion that using mobile phones at a health care facility is unsafe. A Mayo Clinic team in Rochester performed 300 tests with two cell phones, each with different technologies and carriers, and 192 medical devices. None of the tests revealed any type of interference with the medical devices.


Device & Application Administration


Can I purchase a dedicated phone line for my OnPage pager?

Yes. With the OnPage-Cisco Integration the user can purchase a dedicated line to be connected to the OnPageID. The user can record a personal greeting and even add a Paging menu.

Where are the OnPage Messages stored?

OnPage creates a dedicated Inbox. Messages can be viewed, deleted, and archived (coming soon) in the application Inbox.

On which Smartphones does OnPage work?

OnPage releases for Blackberry (version 4.5 and higher, except we do not support BB10 at this point), iPhone and Android devices are currently available.

What happens if my iPhone battery dies, I’m out of coverage, or the phone is turned off?

OnPage messages will be received when the device is powered back on no matter how long the iPhone was unavailable.

What happens if my Blackberry battery dies, I’m out of coverage, or the phone is turned off?

OnPage continuously attempts to deliver messages for up to 8 hours.

What happens if my Smartphone is on, but the OnPage App is turned off?

OnPage messages will not be delivered and senders will be notified that your current status is "off".

What happens if I get a new Smartphone?

OnPage is fully portable. Just download and install the OnPage application to the new Smartphone and login with your OnPage ID and password. You can install the OnPage app on any supported device at no additional cost or hassle.

If I have my Smartphone on Silent, will I still hear the OnPage alert?

OnPage bypasses the Smartphone profile, allowing OnPage Priority messages to be heard when other message types are not, only on Blackberry and Android. While on iPhone due to device constraints OnPage does not bypasses the phone profile, we have a cool way to  *workaround the Mute switch *Contact us for details*


Fees, Networks & Providers


Is there a fee for the OnPage service?

It depends. OnPage offers the lowest fees in the market, and whatever the fee is, it is a fixed monthly fee for unlimited global usage, no hidden costs. OnPage is provided for personal use and business use. Fees may vary accordingly. Paid contracts vary from monthly payments to 3 year prepaid contracts.

Is there a fee for the OnPage service?

Yes. OnPage comes with 7 days free trial. Once trial is completed and user would like to continue the service a subscription is required.

Can I send and receive OnPage priority messages even when SMS and voice service do not work?

Yes. OnPage uses the data channel, while SMS utilizes the voice channel. It is known that SMS messages are sometimes delayed or completely lost, and therefore cannot be relied upon when the cellular network is performing at high load or during times of congestion, both of which may occur during an emergency situation.

Are OnPage Priority Messages subject to additional charges from my wireless network provider?

No. As opposed to SMS, the OnPage application is using the data channel.

What if the cellular signal is weak or if there is no cellular coverage?

Most Smartphones can take advantage of a Wi‐Fi signal to complement the cellular signal. As long as the Smartphone has Internet access via Wi‐Fi, OnPage can deliver the message.


Priority Messaging

Who Uses OnPage Priority Messaging?

Who Uses OnPage Priority Messaging? Customers worldwide are experiencing the latest in paging technology with OnPage. IT departments of large and small organizations are using OnPage for incident alerts in order to slash response time to a critical event such as down-time or Cybersecurity alerts. Hospitals And Healthcare practices are using OnPage for Secure messaging and Pager replacement. We created OnPage with the notion that some messages Just cannot wait and using casual messaging for time sensitive situation is not acceptable.

What is OnPage Priority Messaging?

OnPage priority messaging is a virtual pager application that you can download on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry smartphone. The virtual pager application allows you to receive and send alerts just as you would a traditional pager but with more functionality and better utilization.

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