Global Access Numbers

Want to purchase your own access number for a Dedicated Line?  This will allow you to provide your own greeting and voice mail menu for customers to contact you on. For further information, please email Sales or contact at 781-916-0040.

From: Dial:
Canada 647-955-1198
Netherland +31 858-880-140
United Kingdom 020-3318-2005
United States 781-816-8844
Toll-Free USA



Phone System Instructions:
1. Dial the applicable OnPage Access Number.
2. Enter the OnPage ID of the person you’d like to page and the “#” sign.
– If the OnPage ID contains letters dial the corresponding dial pad number for each letter in the ID.

For example:
A, B or C = 2
D, E or F = 3
G, H or I = 4
J, K or L = 5
M, N or P = 6
P, Q, R or S = 7
T, U or V = 8
W, X, Y or Z = 9

3. Enter your call back number  and the “#” sign

OnPage is the only global hosted next generation paging service. We’ve taken the best parts of traditional pagers and paging systems and combined them with the technology of iPhone® and BlackBerry® and Android® to make a powerful paging service that reliably and conveniently delivers your urgent messages.


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