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Use High Priority for:

  • Time-sensitive Messaging
  • Urgent Messaging
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Critical Alerts
  • IT Monitoring Alerts

High Priority

High Priority Messaging comes with intrusive, hard to ignore Alert-until-Read. OnPage alert mimic the pager urgency however it allows a rich, full text message with voice or picture attachment.

Designed for critical, time-sensitive situation, where the sender needs to be assured that the message has reached its destination AND was Read!


OnPage enables extensive incident communications tracking and audit trails for compliance and investigative purposes.


High Priority Settings

  • Set the Alarm Time – Set the length of each alert (5, 10, 20, 30, 60 sec)
  • Set a Personal Tone  – Upload your personal Ring Tone
  • Set the Tone – Choose from 12 different OnPage sound

Hot Tips: High Priority

Send High Priority message from Email:

From your email browser enter in the “TO” field: [email protected]



  • Learn: How to forward your High Priority voice mail to OnPage
  • Find Out: How you can use OnPage to get urgent voice messages and still keep your cell number private.
  • Discover: How to set up High Priority Call lines using OnPage

Use Low Priority for:

  • Non-Urgent Messaging
  • Casual Communications
  • Business Conversations
  • Practice Updates
  • Non-Critical Status Updates

Low Priority

Low Priority Messaging is a new OnPage feature. Low Priority Messaging is continuous messaging, with back and forth replies that can be tracked. Now every reply appears as a new message in your inbox, acompanied with the Alert Tone.

low priority

Individualized Low Priority Settings

      1. Alert SoundsChoose level, duration, repeats, and tones – just the way you want it.
        •  Alarm Time (how long it rings)
          • 5 seconds to 60 seconds (5, 10, 20, 30 60)
          • HOT TIP: If you want a continous alarm, choose 60 seconds and then set reminders to 1 minute.
        • Level
          • Loud, Soft, Medium, Off, Vibrate
        • Number of Maximum Reminders
          • 2, 3, or 5
        • Tone – make your selection from 12 OnPage sounds. You can even select the OnPage Obnoxious Chime.
        • Ring Tones  –  OnPage now offers 12 new ringtones, including:
          • Short alarms
          • Tunes
          • Loud
          • Abrasive sound (that you can’t miss)
        • Personal Tone (only in Android)
          • Import a sound or piece of music and use it as your alert

If you Send a Low Priority Message

  • The recipient will not receive the obnoxious persistent alert sound
  • The recipient will not get the big red exclamation mark that signifies High Priority
  • The recipient will be able to send back a reply. The sender will  know that it is a message.

hot tip
Hot Tips: Low Priority

Sending an Email to Low Priority

If you want people to send email to your OnPage Low Priority Inbox, just have the send it to your — [email protected]

  • Learn: how to Forward Your Low Priority Voice Mail to OnPage
  • Find Out: how you can use OnPage to get Low Priority voice messages and still keep your cell number private.
  • Discover: how to set up Low Priority Call lines using OnPage

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