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Hospital Messaging

Faced with data overload, people tune out or turn off. Alert fatigue has long been notorious for causing doctors and nurses to miss important signals, like drug interactions
If your healthcare organization agrees that overhead paging is no longer acceptable, the OnPage smartphone system for iPhone,  Android, and Blackberry will provide the solution.
Experience a reliable, high-available HIPAA compliant messaging and pager replacement running on one efficient application on one device.


  • Know when critical message reached its destination and exactly when it was read
  • If a message was NOT read within few minute – Escalate it to the next physician on-call
  • OnPage high-Priority messaging Alerts-until Read to ensure no message is forgotten
  • Have all providers contact information in the palm of your hand and page/message them directly.


Unlike less reliable pagers, non-compliant SMS solutions, OnPage  allows you to send full, detailed message with voice or picture attachments and take real-time actions — saving time and saving lives.

OnPage  works over WiFi or cellular for redundancy.

OnPage Service runs on redundant hardware in each data center.

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“I searched for an iPhone platform paging system for quite some time before I found OnPage. It helped us detach from our long use of pagers & we’ve quickly learned to trust it for on-call shifts. It meets our needs nicely & is very user-friendly. It’s very comforting to have a HIPAA compliant paging system, a system that allows us to quickly send out notices, & being quickly reached by the Hospital when needed is exactly what we needed.”

– Miguel A. Cano, MD, FACOG
OB/Peds, Adventist Health Center – Reedley. Diplomat of the American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology


I started using On Page about 6 months ago, and I love it. The messages are much easier to read, and return phone calls can be done with a simple touch of the phone number on the phone screen. The answering service is alerted when you read the page, eliminating lost pages. Old pagers were subject to some unreliability, and second calls were frequent. We carry only the iphone or smartphone, not a pager plus a phone. Documentation can be done at the time of the call, or later with the information on the phone. On call volume is readily available for assessment, if needed. The OnPage system has exceeded my expectations. I hope I never have to use a pager again.”

– Dr. Susan Moynihan
Primary Care Partners System, North Shore Physicians Group