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Getting Started with OnPage:


Getting started with OnPage couldn’t be easier!

1. Download and Install OnPage: OnPage is available on Blackberry, Apple’s iOS, and Android platforms and can be installed from each platforms provided application store.

CLICK HERE - Download from App StoreCLICK HERE - Download from Google PlayCLICK HERE - Download from Amazon

2. Registration: Once installed, open the OnPage application and select ‘I’m new to OnPage”. Fill the  registration form with the required information. Your email address will be used for password reset.

Selecting an OnPage ID: You’re OnPage ID will become your pager number with the OnPage service so it’s important you pick an easy, memorable ID.

Note: If you will be Page via telephone its suggested you pick a numeric OnPage ID.

3. Logging in: Once your OnPage ID has been successfully registered you are ready to Send and Receive Priority Messages. OnPage will send you a welcome page! You must open and Read the message to stop the Alert.


Sending Messages with OnPage:

OnPage offers a variety of ways for you to receive messages to your Smartphone.  Here are some quick instructions:


1. Dial the applicable OnPage Access Number:

US Toll-Free: 1-855-2-OnPage   (1-855-266-7243)

Global Access Numbers are available here:

2. Enter the OnPage ID of the person you’d like to page and the “#” sign.

If the OnPage ID contains letters dial the corresponding dial pad number for each letter in the ID.

For example:

A, B or C = 2
D, E or F = 3
G, H or I = 4
J, K or L = 5
M, N or O = 6
P, Q, R or S = 7
T, U or V = 8
W, X, Y or Z = 9

3. Enter your call back number and the “#” sign



For High-Priority, Pager-like message send an email to

For Low-Priority, SMS like message send an email to [email protected]

OnPage App:

Compose a new message and in the to field enter the OnPage ID of the user you’d like to page. Visit our FAQ for more instructions on how to add users to your OnPage contacts.

Control System:

OnPage offers a web-based dashboard to extend the organizations abilities to send and track messages to their OnPage users. It makes it easy to create contacts, Groups, Escalation, and Schedules.

The Control system comes with the OnPage Enterprise package. For more information please contact us.


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