Leading SaaS Company Selects OnPage to Cut Downtime

A leading technology company selected OnPage’s secured priority messaging for faster communication processes that resulted in less downtime.  The company will use the OnPage application to support immediate communication with fast-driven results in order to cut downtime and eliminate time consuming redundancies.

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) company, the security and reliability of their CRITICAL messages is extremely vital.  After they carefully reviewed several products that did not fit their needs, they chose OnPage as their priority communication’s solution.  With unrivaled features and capabilities such as a persistent alert and repeated delivery, the decision to choose OnPage was an easy one.

OnPage was able to provide them with the ability to use a smartphone application for device-to-device communication as well as email-to-device and phone-to-device communications, which proved to be extremely flexible and convenient to the branch’s busy IT staff.


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