OnPage Priority Messaging API

Page, Manage, Notify, Track & Audit – Securely

The OnPage Priority Messaging API connects your applications to the OnPage system. The API focuses on integration between OnPage and our customer and/or partner applications in order to bring you a flexible and convenient secure mobile messaging system.

The API provides you with an additional way to send your OnPage messages securely. With the API Integration you can send messages to individual OnPage users or to groups and receive tracking information for messages such as delivery and read time stamps or reply information.  The OnPage API can be used alongside the available methods of email, phone, the application itself and the OnPage Control System.  The API is an ultra-secure, HIPAA compliant messaging system with 24×7 support and monitoring.  As an integrated service, some IT involvement is necessary but our OnPage tech team is happy to assist with any needed integration.

Benefits of OnPage Priority Messaging API:

  • HIPAA Compliant, secure and encrypted messages
  • Send Secured Messages through various channels- Dispatcher, Mobile, Email and More
  • Complete Audit Trails- Know when your messages were sent, delivered, read and replied.
  • Individual and group paging capability

How To Add The OnPage Priority Messaging API:

You can add the OnPage Priority Messaging API to your existing OnPage subscription by contacting our team at 781-916-0040 during regular EST business hours, or contact us below to suggest a time that works for you.  We’ll be glad to add and coordinate the activation with you.

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