OnPage Assists in Disaster Recovery Amidst Hurricane Sandy’s Fury

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The OnPage facilities remained fully operational during Hurricane Sandy, providing its customers full access to Priority messaging.

 Onset Technology, the creator of OnPage Secured Priority Messaging, announced today that amidst the wrath and fury of Hurricane Sandy this past week, OnPage’s server facilities remained fully operational.

Hitting the east coast with flooding, high winds and millions without power, Sandy left many businesses without power.  The OnPage facilities, located in Pennsylvania and New York City were hit hard by Sandy, but remained operational amid the power outages that pursued.

OnPage’s hosted cloud infrastructure is always prepared in case a natural disaster strikes. OnPage’s power supplies comprise redundant systems as well as battery and multiple generators backup, providing uninterruptible power at all times. The OnPage facilities are also equipped with fiber optic SONET Ring (Synchronous Optical Network), a “self-healing” cabling system that is known for its 99.999% uptime.

No interruption of the OnPage service meant that our clients were able to use OnPage’s communication services during the hurricane, including coordinating disaster relief where it was most needed.

“During superstorm Sandy, that recently devastated  the north eastern United States, Agility was there to meet the needs of our members as the OnPage system played a vital role in allowing Agility’s members to be able to reach out and get hold of Agility in their time of need.  Agility stands by the OnPage solution to ensure vital communications is achieved in time of need and would recommend this customer centric solution for organizations that need a solution for ensure you are able to get the people you need in any event.”     Pieter Vos P.Log | Director of Operations



Onset Technology is a leading vendor of mobile messaging solutions to organizations with emergency communications requirements. The company’s OnPage mobile app turns iOS, BlackBerry, and Android smartphones into secure digital pagers, supported by an enterprise-grade messaging platform. Onset Technology’s OnPage is now used by over 1,000 organizations, including those in healthcare, emergency services, information technology, financial institutions, the legal profession, and government agencies. For more information about OnPage, visit http://onpage.com/ . For other products by Onset Technology visit http://onsettechnology.com/


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