OnPage Priority Messaging Is Less Dependent on RIM Push

OnPage is now less dependent on RIM to push notifications. OnPage’s new update for Blackberry OS ensures that users will get their messages even when the RIM Push service is down by utilizing new client poller mechanism.

After a couple of push failures at Blackberry RIM back in February and April of 2012, OnPage decided to create a redundant solution that would decrease downtime and outages for its customers in the future.

“RIM’s push services are generally very reliable” says Judit Sharon, CEO and President of Onset Technology. “However, we have to keep our customers’ best interest in mind as they rely on us to deliver their critical messages under any circumstances, including the rare occasion of an outage in the RIM Push. We explored a couple different ways of achieving message redundancy. However, being a HIPAA compliant service, the only viable option was to build a poller mechanism similar to our Android client”   Judit Sharon, CEO

This new redundant client allows OnPage to have greater control over the notifications and ensures complete redundancy to customers for their critical messaging needs.


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