ONE Application To Manage Your Critical Alerting Needs 

Decrease Response Time and Improve Outcomes

In time-sensitive situations, when seconds count, YOU can’t afford to miss an urgent message. An immediate response to time sensitive messages is essential for driving business and protecting capital investment.

OnPage’s cloud-based, prioritized messaging system enables the sender to decide the priority level of the message, allowing High priority and Low priority messages to “Cut through the clutter”, and get time-sensitive information to the right person…right NOW. Securely and with total assurance. OnPage enables:

  • Critical notifications. Alerts will always get to you. OnPage ensures rock solid phones
  • Persistent alerting. Unless escalation is enabled, you will be continuously alerted for up to 8 hours until the message is read
  • Elimination of anxiety. You will be alerted by your OnPage app in under 60 seconds from the time the alert is issue. No need to wait around until an emergency happens
  • Scheduling. Create one or multiple schedules to define your workflow. OnPage will alert the right, on-call person
  • Escalation. If the person on-call is not responding, the message will escalate to the next person who is on-call
  • Security. All OnPage messages are encrypted

Find out how OnPage can make your alerting and messaging more productive than ever before.