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Follow-the-Sun Schedules With No Limits

Expand on-call rotations to teams across the country or around the globe in 175 countries and 24 time zones. Create on-call shifts based upon local time-zone business hours.

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Enjoy Life On-Call

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Feel chained to your desk? Break free! The routing of alerts will reach you no matter where you are…in the office, out on assignment, or at the beach.

Multiple Scheduling Options

Multiple schedules

Create multiple schedules, without limitation to location, so every group gets their preferred on-call rotation. Get instant visibility on who’s on-call.

Like Outlook? You will love OnPage’s Alerts Scheduler

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Enjoy quick, easy, and intuitive setup. If you use Outlook, Mac Mail, or any similar product, learning to use the Scheduler will be a breeze.

Sick Days, Snow Storms, or Vacations.  No Problem!

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Make changes to the scheduler when assignments, objectives, or the weather changes.

Get Some Sleep (Undisturbed)

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Never be on-call when you are in the middle of something important — unless you want to.

Bullet Proof Scheduling

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The OnPage Scheduler starts out “FULL” –  In the event of a critical alert, if you left a time slot empty, the entire group will be notified. We help you avoid human error and ensure every message is delivered to a live person. The OnPage Scheduler guarantees it!

Competitor Schedulers start out “Empty”. Unless each time slot has been manually filled in with a group member’s name, there will be a communications gap. Your critical alert may end up with nowhere to go, and no one to answer “the call”. The message: “Your server just went down”– may be left hanging, along with your entire ecommerce business.

Dynamic Scheduler

Escalation group messaging just got even better with the addition of escalation group scheduling!

Escalation groups have proven to be one of OnPage’s most useful enterprise features by providing our customers with the ability to prioritize recipients and supply redundancy to their urgent messages.

Now escalation orders and members can be scheduled, adding even more flexibility and customization of escalation groups. We’re excited to be adding these abilities to our product offering and hope you’re excited to start using them.

Here’s a quick example of how to get started with escalation group scheduling. The example shows how to create a revolving schedule between 3 on-call recipients. Each recipient is in the first escalation position for one week every three weeks, with the other on-call recipients set as backups to the primary recipient.


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