OnPage Alerting & Secure Messaging

Some messages cannot wait!

3 OnPage Cell Phones

OnPage secure messaging is also a pager app for iPhone, Android or Blackberry smartphone. The virtual pager application allows you to receive and send alerts just as you would through a traditional pager but with the convenience of a smartphone.  If you need to ensure immediate, secure delivery of alerts or high priority messages with reliability and convenience then OnPage Priority Messaging is your solution.

OnPage Priority Messaging Features:

  • HIPAA Compliant Messaging- Full audit trail and message logs.
  • Persistent alert & repeated delivery  – Never lose a message
  • Eliminates multiple devices – lets you consolidate all devices
  • Priority Dedicated Inbox & Outbox- Pager alerts rise above the clutter of routine emails, SMS, and calls
  • Full reply & Forward capabilities including convenient one-touch pre-defined responses
  • Personal Privacy – no need to provide your cell #  – keeps direct contact info confidential
  • Global Connectivity –  Works where ever you have cellular or wireless (wi-fi) coverage
  • Add Attachments – Send attachment securely to other OnPage users or groups
  • Remote Wipe – Delete all of the user’s contacts and messages  and log the user out of the app.

OnPage Control System

 Secure Online Paging Dispatcher

OnPage’s Enterprise Control System is part of the Enterprise package. The Control System is a web-based dashboard that helps enterprises to consolidate their messaging activity to one central location. With the dashboard, you can manage users, notify, and audit the priority messaging flow.

Control System Features:

  • Send HIPAA secure messages in a matter of seconds!
  • Auto Complete Feature when sending messages
  • Enable/disable users withing the Enterprise
  • Create groups and escalation
  • Audit trail with delivery and read confirmation
  • Schedule ON-Call rotation
  • Contact Sync- Sync all contacts into user’s device.
  • Remote Wipe Ability
  • Create permission and Rolls per user.

 Learn more about OnPage’s Enterprise Control System