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OnPage API Integration: Overview

OnPage, a priority messaging solution ensures message delivery, alerting and tracking.

Out of the box OnPage offers are variety of methods for originating messages such as by telephone, in application messaging and email. In many cases customers are looking to extend the capabilities of an existing messaging solution or application, for instance IT monitoring systems, Health Care paging terminals or Home alarm systems. To allow these systems to seamlessly work together, OnPage offers access to our messaging gateway in a variety of protocols used by these systems and applications.

Capabilities do range based on the protocol used for integration and the status of the protocol implementation by the OnPage and your existing application. We’ve broken down the level of integration into three levels, level 1 being the most basic to level 3 being the most in-depth.

Integration Levels:

nnnnnnnnnnnn Level 3: Advanced integration, allows for two way communications,
message origination, status information and further error
reporting details.
Level 2: Intermediate integration, allows for two way communications
such as message origination and message status information
to be passed between two systems.
Level 1: Basic integration allows for one way communications to the
OnPage service for message origination. Status information is
available from the OnPage Web Management Console.

Supported Messaging Protocols

Level 1:

Email: Probably the easiest way to integrate with OnPage. Each OnPage user or group can be messaged by simply sending an email to its OnPage ID @OnPage.com. While email does offer a two way communication by sending message information back to senders it’s still considered a level 1 protocol.
TAP: Telelocator Alphanumeric Protocol allows for OnPage messages to be originated via modem. TAP is coveted by many IT organizations due to its ability to work even when internet access is not available. Many monitoring systems used by IT allow for alerts to be sent via TAP protocol.
WCTP: Wireless Communication Transfer Protocol typically used for communicating text based messages to paging service providers. OnPage’s implementation of the protocol allows for message origination over HTTPS, offering a more secure option of integration over email.

Level 2:

SNPP: Simple Network Paging Protocol another protocol typically found for communicating to paging service providers, similar to WCTP. OnPage’s SNPP implementation allows for secure two way communications, both message originations over HTTPs as well as message status information such as time of delivery/read and reply text.

Level 3:

OnPage SOAP API: The OnPage SOAP API can be used by developers or software vendors to extend existing in house applications or application suites. Developers can originate messages, retrieve message status information as well as receive details about the state of the device the message was sent to. The OnPage API is the most in-depth and technical type of integration, but also allows for seamless integration and a greater detail of information and control.

OnPage Integration Diagram

integration graphic true color