Secure Alerts, Audit Trails, On-Call Scheduling & Critical Messaging In One Convenient & Cost Effective Application!


OnPage on Android


A Revolutionary Way To Prioritize Communications

OnPage integrates Priority & Secure Messaging into one application, ensuring IT, emergency responder, and healthcare professionals, globally, their CRITICAL MESSAGE IS NEVER MISSED!

OnPage takes mobile communication to the next level with the latest all-in-one-app features:

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Reliability – Built to Function in the Most Challenging Environments

  • Uses the data channel rather than the congested voice channel to ensure messages get through
  • Fully Redundant: Hardware, Software
  • Hosted Managed Cloud Infrastructure with dedicated servers replicated in two DR locations.
  • 24×7 support and monitoring
  • SAS 70 certified and SSAE 16 compliant facility
  • Encrypted, Secure in transit and at rest

Assured Delivery – Priority Messages Rise Above the Clutter

  • Complete Audit Trail of message status
  • Persistent alert & repeated delivery  – Never lose a message!
  • Redundancy via Groups, Escalation and Fail-Over capabilities
  • Audible alert overrides device profile if set to silent (BB & Android compatible. iPhone workaround)
  • Global Connectivity –  Works where ever you have cellular or wireless (wi-fi) coverage

Convenience of a Smart Phone: IOS, Android, & Blackberry

  • Eliminates multiple devices – lets you consolidate all devices and functions to your smartphone
  • Priority Dedicated Inbox & Outbox. (rise above the clutter of emails, SMS, and phone calls)
  • Multiple Methods of Messaging – Send/Receive via email, phone, pager, web or the application
  • Message Forwarding- Easily forward messages to other OnPage users or groups
  • Contact Sync- Syncs entire organizations contacts into the application instantly
  • Full reply capabilities including convenient one-touch pre-defined responses
  • Supports 1024 word rich media vs 140 characters for SMS text
  • Keeps work and private messages separate
  • Multiple ringtone options (Blackberry & Android users can create personal ringtone!)

Security, Privacy & Compliance

  • Compliance – Secure HIPAA/HITECH service.  Full audit trail and message logs.
  • Secure, encrypted transmission – important for health, legal, and IT compliance
  • Remote Wipe- Delete all of the user’s contacts and messages  and log the user out of the app.
  • Meets HIPAA Archiving Requirement of 6 years or more.
  • Personal Privacy – no need to provide your cell #  – keeps direct contact info confidential
  • Secure on-line web portal to manage audit pages  and accounts

Ease of Acquisition:

  • Zero IT Cost – Eliminate infrastructure and hardware maintenance with this completely hosted service
  • Integrates seamlessly with other messaging systems, IT monitoring systems, etc.


OnPage Secure messaging & Pager Replacement



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