No Data Plan? No Problem. OnPage’s Page to Phone Feature Ensures You’re Never Out of Touch

Maintain Your On-Call Schedule No Matter What Today, OnPage announced the release of its Page to Phone feature. This feature provides customers and IT management with phone redundancy to existing prevalent alert.  The OnPage alert already provides continuous and prominent notification for up to 8 hours until the message is read, allowing critical IT messages to get to the right person. With Page to Phone, OnPage provides customers who don’t have access to the data channel an additional way to get notified. The feature allows customers to receive a phone call that they can acknowledge via smartphone and mark as ‘read’ in the audit trail. How Page to Phone Works The Page to Phone redundancy feature is easily initiated and enabled with a checkbox in the OnPage enterprise console, where you can also choose Email and SMS redundancy messaging.  In the interface, you provide the OnPage ID, name, phone number […] Read more »

IT Alerts: How to Improve Responsiveness


Click to read the entire Whitepaper- IT Alerts_ How To Improve Responsiveness As an IT Professional, receiving CRITICAL alerts in a timely manner can be the difference between company up-time and down-time.  You need to ensure that you receive these alerts promptly and effectively in order to ensure operations are running smoothly.  To accomplish this, you must first increase your response rates to these CRITICAL messages. This can be done by starting with these three, very important actions.  1) Ensure your IT team gets alerted immediately on their mobile devices about pending problems or performance degradation with a unique continuous alert. Your team needs to have a distinguishable and persistent alert that will immediately grab their attention and will keep them from ever missing a message. Using SMS or email for CRITICAL alerts should be omitted for this reason. OnPage has a very distinct alert that will grab your attention immediately. […] Read more »

Missing CRITICAL Alerts Has Consequences

red alert

Critical Alerts need to be acknowledged. As an IT professional you have the responsibility to make sure that CRITICAL alerts are acknowledged immediately and not lost among the flood of email and SMS messages. Other IT professionals like yourself may be checking every single email and SMS in order to make sure no CRITICAL alerts are missed.  Alerts should be elevated or separated from regular day to day messaging into a dedicated inbox with a continuous alert for each message arrival. Missing a CRITICAL alert has consequences  such as: X   Server downtime X   Company downtime X   Revenue loss X   Reputation damage X   Potential customer defections. OnPage understands the need to prioritize your CRITICAL alerts so that you don’t have to continuously check your phone for messages.  OnPage sends the alert to your smartphone immediately and persistently until the alert has been acknowledged with a time stamped audit trail.  Join other IT professionals who chose OnPage to deliver […] Read more »