Amazon SNS + OnPage

Amazon SNS with OnPage

OnPage Tech Tips: Several of our subscribers have been using Amazon SNS with OnPage. Amazon SNS is a great way to send notifications based on a topic. Utilizing OnPage in tandem with AWS SNS will provide added benefits. Subscribing to important topics with your OnPage email address will provide alerts with redundancy, a full audit trail, and escalation. You can easily prioritize each topic by specifying if the notification is low or high priority. Such as:  ([email protected] for low priority or [email protected] for high priority) In order to receive the subscription link you must specify the delivery method as “Email – JSON” instead of “Email”. Once the subscription is confirmed the user can start receiving messages from their OnPage address email address. The following use case is an example of a simple setup using OnPage and Amazon SNS: An alert is sent to an escalation group that has a schedule […] Read more »