What you need to know about MTTR and why IT MaTTeRs

What all engineering teams should know about MTTR In the IT world, performance is everything. So when technology fails, your first thought is how to utilize incident management knowledge to repair the situation and minimize downtime. As both a manager and an engineer, you need to minimize your MTTR –Mean Time To Resolution- in order to comply with your SLAs – service level agreements – and keep your group at the top of its game. You want to ensure ITIL (information technology infrastructure library) and ITSM (information technology service management) best practices are followed for you to manage incidents effectively. Even in the best scenario however, failures are still part of the game. Reality dictates that you need to have a plan to receive alerts through your incident management tools to inform you that an event has occurred. Following the alert, you would be able to quickly deploy your team […] Read more »