Why you need to fail to be great at DevOps

devops fail

Seven steps to failure and greatness The more I read and learn about how to succeed in DevOps the more I realize how important failure is to the process. You need to fail to be great at DevOps. Netflix, for example, even takes it a step further by introducing failure into their testing process. In our blog The Seven Deadly Sins of DevOps, we wrote about how you should not do DevOps. Interestingly enough though, failure is not a sin. In fact, failure is something you should strive for. This blog will give you a sense for how you can plan to fail strategically. Embrace DevOps and fail fast. Fail to be great How do you succeed by failing? It sounds like a contradiction. Simply put, it’s by building failure into the testing process. Think of it as ‘controlled failure’ whereby you think strategically about where the system is likely […] Read more »