Ways Mobile Technology Can Enhance Nurse Communications


Nurses: The First Practitioners of mHealth Legions of caring nurses were probably the first practitioners of mobile health (mHealth), starting in the last century — the pre-smartphone era. Nurses often carried “beepers” or what is now considered antiquated pagers. Ways Mobile Technology Can Enhance Nurse Communications Today, there are many ways mobile technology can enhance nurse communications. New mobile technologies are poised to empower nurses to both spend more time with patients and improve the quality of their care. Many believe this will make nurses more efficient, lead to lower fatigue, and result in fewer overtime hours — saving hospitals money. Mobile technologies, which include sensors, devices, and apps will make it easier for nurses to access information from wherever they are and collaborate with a patient’s care team. Accenture research found that nurses frequently use a diverse range of communication technologies. These include: bed alarms, digital signage, both mobile […] Read more »

Why SMS is NOT Suitable For Doctors


Text messaging over the last decade has become a mainstream form of communication, but does that mean that it is appropriate to be used among doctors? The critical messages sent among doctors are different than communications in any other industry. They often contain private and time sensitive information regarding patients; therefore, doctors are required to be in accordance with HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Text messaging is NOT HIPAA compliant and therefore texting and doctors simply do not mix. Failure to comply with HIPAA could result in fines of up to $250,000 or ten years in jail. OnPage provides a simple priority messaging solution that fully complies with HIPAA standards to ensure your messages are encrypted, immediate, and auditable. Why SMS does NOT Adhere to Patient Safety:  1.Text messaging is NOT encrypted 2.Text messaging cannot show full audit trails of when the messages are received and read 3.Text messaging cannot ensure priority delivery; a message about a […] Read more »