Why is Pager Coverage Vanishing in the State of Illinois?


  It’s a small pager world and it keeps getting smaller. Recently, the Illinois Department of Central Management Services BCCS (Bureau of Communication and Computer Services) in their Telecommunications Bulletin, announced the decommissioning of telecommunication towers which provided pager services for six of their local cities and towns.  The Bulletin also reported that another four cities may also be out of service in coming months. This news follows two previous pager service discontinuation bulletins in August Bulletin and October Bulletin of last year for yet two other Illinois cities. The trend is serious news for the state, which anticipates the decommissioning trend to continue. So what is causing the paging service providers to terminate such critical messaging coverage to area cities?  The answer may just come down to dollars and cents. It’s no secret that the traditional paging industry is currently facing some serious challenges. The original telephone based pager […] Read more »