The Mobile Health Revolution is Here

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Advances in mobile computing technology are revolutionizing the way teen, parents, grandparents, and businesses communicate, access, and use information. If you think about it, it’s not at all surprising, considering that people check their phones an average of 150 times a day. As of 2014, more than 80% of Americans own and regularly use cell phones. Of those cell phones, 50% are smartphones running iOS or Android operating systems which capable of browsing the Internet and downloading the millions of available Apps.  Anyone who has a teenager knows that mobile computing has taken over. But here’s what may be surprising to some – mobile computing has made major inroads to the professional world, with patient health management at the head of the pack. An Information Week article published in 2011 reported that 80% of doctors use a smartphone or a tablet (such as a iPad) at work. And in another report, […] Read more »

Mobile App Market Expectations For 2016


Forecasting for mobile health applications is looking good. According to ABI Research, the mobile health applications market is predicted to grow to $400 million as 2016 approaches. In 2010 the market reached $120 million, so looking forward this research suggests that the market could actually quadruple in size in 2016. A growth this tremendous will mean big opportunities for application developers, technology vendors and healthcare practices that will start to see more of a presence of mobile apps in their own organizations. Alongside ABI’s research, Juniper Research also released its own study that depicts mHealth apps will reach 142 million downloads around the world in 2016. Contrast to ABI’s research, Juniper expects the download rate of the mHealth apps to grow at twice the rate of revenues. They predict more than a billion downloads occurring annually by the year 2016. With these new forecasts the expectations for the mobile app […] Read more »

OnPage App to Relegate the Pager to Its Last Beep

OnPage Relegates Pager to its Final Beep

It’s no surprise that pagers are becoming more outdated and obsolete as technology like OnPage is becoming more advanced.  However, in its day, the pager was a dynamic product, allowing for emergency notification and messages to be sent and read.  Over time, the pager advanced with more capabilities allowing for alphanumeric and two-way paging.   However, with the rise of smart phones on the marketplace today, the pager has since been demoted by smartphone applications like OnPage that have the same functionality as the traditional pagers but with more capabilities and ultimately more convenience.  The Sunday Times in Malta recognizes the threat OnPage has to these traditional pagers as they state: “[pagers] are under threat, as smartphone apps which offer two-way communication, group messaging and an audit trail – like the OnPage app developed by Onset Technology – will probably relegate the pager to their last beep.” The Healthcare industry is […] Read more »