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OnPage Corporation is the Secure Messaging/Critical Alerts Leader: Learn More… 10 ways big data, analytics, and IoT sensors are helping behind the scenes Article Courtesy of: TechRepublic New solutions based on IoT, analytics and business intelligence are reaching into every corner of industry and commerce. Some of these examples might surprise you. We are surrounded by more “hidden” applications of big data, analytics, sensors, and business intelligence than we probably know—and in places where we might not imagine it. Here are 10 ways this behind-the-scenes tech is redefining how the world works. 1: Weather and political prediction systems for global supply chain and financial market impacts With the impact of global warming and climate change, companies want to know in advance when areas of the world are likely to be affected by typhoons, heat waves, fire, and other weather calamities, The goal for companies with long, global supply chains is to […] Read more »

Mobile App Market Expectations For 2016


Forecasting for mobile health applications is looking good. According to ABI Research, the mobile health applications market is predicted to grow to $400 million as 2016 approaches. In 2010 the market reached $120 million, so looking forward this research suggests that the market could actually quadruple in size in 2016. A growth this tremendous will mean big opportunities for application developers, technology vendors and healthcare practices that will start to see more of a presence of mobile apps in their own organizations. Alongside ABI’s research, Juniper Research also released its own study that depicts mHealth apps will reach 142 million downloads around the world in 2016. Contrast to ABI’s research, Juniper expects the download rate of the mHealth apps to grow at twice the rate of revenues. They predict more than a billion downloads occurring annually by the year 2016. With these new forecasts the expectations for the mobile app […] Read more »

Leading SaaS Company Selects OnPage to Cut Downtime

To Read The Entire Press Release Click Here A leading technology company selected OnPage’s secured priority messaging for faster communication processes that resulted in less downtime Onset Technology, the creator of OnPage Secured Priority Messaging announced today that a leading SaaS company implemented OnPage within their IT department. The company will use the OnPage application to support immediate communication with fast-driven results in order to cut downtime and eliminate time consuming redundancies. As a SaaS (Software as a Service) company, the security and reliability of their CRITICAL messages is extremely vital.  After they carefully reviewed several products that did not fit their needs, they chose OnPage as their priority communication’s solution.  With unrivaled features and capabilities such as a persistent alert and repeated delivery, the decision to choose OnPage was an easy one. OnPage was able to provide them with the ability to use a smartphone application for device-to-device communication […] Read more »