How To Resolve Most Technical Support Issues Quickly & Simply

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Issue #1: Only receiving alerts while the app is open (iPhone only).

  1. Make sure your phone is not in “Do not Disturb” mode. Check this by navigating to iPhone settings -> Do not Disturb. Ensure that manual and scheduled are disabled. If this mode is enabled a crescent moon will appear in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Make sure all push notifications are enabled. iphone Settings -> notifications -> OnPage.
  3. Assuming that information above is correct; Reinstall the app by deleting the app and downloading from the APP Store. Here is how to reinstall OnPage.

Issue #2: Not receiving Alerts at all.

  1. Verify you have an internet connection and are logged into the app.
  2. Open a web Browser and perform a Web search and try opening the app again.
  3. Reinstall the app by deleting the app and downloading from the APP Store. Here is how to reinstall OnPage.

 Issue #3:  Forgot Password or OnPage ID.

  1.  Open OnPage on any smart phone
  2.  Select “I’m already an OnPage user”
  3.  Select “Forgot Password” link located below the Login button
  4.  Enter the OnPage ID for the user and select “Recover Password”
  • Do not add [email protected] to the OnPage ID
  • A temporary password will be sent to the user’s email address
  • You cannot reset your OnPage ID password through the website. It must be done through the app. 
  • If you do not receive the password, please check your Junk folder.

Issue #4: Showing “Sent” in the OnPage Web Console but not received by the device. (iPhone only).

With iPhone, the delivery confirmation is not sent until the message is loaded into the inbox in the app. The following scenarios could be possible.

  1. The phone was set to “Do not disturb” or Mute and was not receiving audible alerts.
  2. The phone was in an area where there was no internet connection available or the phone was off.
  3. The phone was generating alerts but was being ignored.
  4. Push notifications were disabled.

Issue #5: Receiving error “System Error, try again” when Resetting iPhone password.

  1. Ensure that there is no space at the end of the ID when you are initially entering the OnPage ID.

Issue #6: Repeating Reminders (iPhone only).

  1. Ensure no pages need to be retained.
  2. Change the internet source and reopen the app. If you are on Wifi you can try disconnecting and opening the app or connecting to another wifi source if one is available.

Issue #7: Not receiving push notifications after updating to OS 6.0 (Android only).

  1. Navigate to your phone’s Settings.
  2. Select Battery from the device list and select Battery optimization from the menu icon at the top-right of the screen.
  3. Select All apps from the drop-down menu in the center of the display. Now you’ll see all the apps that are Doze-enabled.
  4. You can now select any apps for which you’d like to disable Doze mode.
  5. Select Don’t optimize and then Done.

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