Mike Molinari

“Here at Boston Children’s Hospital’s Information Services Department, we use OnPage to receive critical infrastructure alerts that help ensure our business continuity. We leverage IT alerting systems such as Microsoft’s System Center Operations Manager as well as HP’s System Insight Manager to keep us informed of any hotspots or potential issues within our environment. It’s been a welcome change from having traditional pagers, which can only store a limited amount of messages and require constant deletion, and unconfirmed delivery. “ Mike Molinari Windows Server Administrator-Boston Children’s Hospital Please follow and like us: Read more »

Christopher Welchl

“My team has replaced all individual pagers and transferred this functionality to various Onpage builds on either Android based smart phones or iPhones. I live in Central Mass and my reception for pages was spotty using the pagers we had been using and now I actually get pages more reliably. It is also nice not to have to take a separate piece of hardware with me when I am on call for my group.” Christopher Welchl Systems Specialist- Boston Children’s Hospital Please follow and like us: Read more »

Oscar Paz

“We are a group of 4 surgeons. All but one use the paging system and we like it a lot. Good product.” Oscar Paz-Altschul Trauma/Acute Care surgeon- OJPA Please follow and like us: Read more »

Greg Koshkarian

“I have found OnPage to both reliable and convenient. No more do I need to carry around a separate pager and I love the fact that I don’t need to notify the answering service that I’ve received a consult, as the application notifies them as soon as I open the message.” Greg Koshkarian MD, FACC -Desert Cardiology of Tucson. Please follow and like us: Read more »

Change is good!

After decades of service, OnPage has provided a fitting retirement for my pager and advanced me into today’s “smarter” technology. Change is good.” ~ Patrick Curci – InSite Property Managment – San Jose, CA Please follow and like us: Read more »

Quick response to life threatening situation

“I have used OnPagefor the last couple months.   It has proven it’s weight in gold.    In a recent case urgent emergency situation  I probably would have not known for hours due to being in meetings with my phone on silent.  Without going into specifics, it sure was instrumental in my quick response to a life threatening situation.” ~ Don Hovart – US Security Associates – Portage, IN and Lansing, IL Key Points Alerts you when phone is on silent Instrumental in quick response Please follow and like us: Read more »

WFCC TV – Total Coverage at ALL times

“I am a Chief Engineer for WFGC-TV in West Palm Beach , FL. (Christian Television Network). I have set the paging up so that some of my equipment at the transmitter site can page me if there is a technical problem with the equipment. …OnPage service is much more reliable than old fashion paging services, as OnPage have complete total service coverage at ALL times no matter where you are at. You don’t have to worry about loss of signal coverage area or missing a page. Not to mention OnPage is much more affordable than other old fashion paging systems.” ~Joel Yates – Broadcast Engineer – West Palm Beach, FL Key Points Alerts on technical problems More reliable Total coverage at ALL times Please follow and like us: Read more »

OnPage has a real hit with this app!

As an independent computer consultant I need to know immediately when one of my customers has a problem. For many years I have used pagers, but carrying a pager and putting up with spotty coverage has always been a nuisance. Then there is the monthly fee and the need to constantly replace the batteries. When I discovered OnPage I was elated to find a way to make my smartphone double as a pager. Now I only need to carry one device and can feel comfortable that I will never miss an important message. Onpage has a real hit with this app!” ~Joe Cox – Eastnet Communications, Inc. – Server and Storage Virtualization Specialists~ Key Points IT Consultant Carry only one device Superior coverage Please follow and like us: Read more »

IT SMS & Email Alert Hell

“I originally setup my iPhone to receive email alerts from Nagios but the emails were too slow. It sometimes took up to 30 minutes to receive. I tried SMS but it was driving me crazy because I didn’t know if someone was messaging me or if it was Nagios. I went to the Apple App store and found onpage. The app works extremely well. I’ve never missed a page and every time a page comes through, I am able to easily distinguish the tone. As an IT professional, I would highly recommend this app for mission critical systems.” – A. Gouyang, Server System Admin – Posted 2012-01-10 02:08:12~ Key Points IT alerts from systems monitoring software – Nagios Emails too slow Superior to SMS – distinguishes priority alerts Please follow and like us: Read more »

Desert Trauma Surgons relies on OnPage

“OnPage has been flawless. I’ve finally been able to pitch the pager. For about 3 weeks I used OnPage and carried my pager. Never once did I miss a page and routinely I received the page first on my iPhone with OnPage. I had been waiting for someone/anyone to develop a paging application for the iPhone and I’m happy to say OnPage doesn’t disappoint.” ~ Dr Andrew Fragen – Desert Trauma Surgeons – Palm Springs, CA Key Points Surgeon user Flawless performance Routinely beat pager Please follow and like us: Read more »

Agility Recovery Systems – Prepare to Survive


 “Agility is always looking to improve performance and efficiency during a disaster,” says  Paul Sullivan, VP &GM at Agility Recovery Solutions.     “We used to use traditional pagers to receive customer alerts, but then we discovered the OnPage solution – a much more current and effective technology. We tried OnPage and quickly decided to move our entire first response team to the OnPage solution. It has been working extremely well for us and allows us to respond even quicker to our customers’ needs.” ~ Paul Sullivan – VP & GM at Agility Recovery Solutions – United States and Canada Key Points Quicker response More effective than pagers Moved entire first response team to OnPage Please follow and like us: Read more »