UltraRAD Chooses OnPage Priority Messaging for Reliable HIPAA Compliant Communication

OnPage announced today that UltraRAD selected OnPage for their after-hours critical customer support team.  


OnPage will ensure that UltraRAD can be immediately reached by its customers requiring emergency support, while at the same time, enable UltraRAD to reliably and securely communicate with and dispatch its technicians as quickly as possible.

As a leading medical imaging company, UltraRAD provides vendor-neutral software solutions and cloud-based services to the healthcare industry. UltraRAD specializes in software systems for radiologists, teleradiology service providers, private practices, imaging centers, and hospitals. Any software failure at a customer’s site must be addressed with the utmost urgency as an entire radiology practice can come to a halt.

Prior to switching to OnPage, UltraRAD used a hosted VOIP phone system for their messaging needs, but experienced a number of reliability issues. OnPage enabled UltraRAD’s to track all of their incoming and outgoing messages, all in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner. Using the OnPage Web Management Console, UltraRAD can track all incoming messages through any channel (web, email, phone, application) and see the time-stamped audit trail of when that message was sent, when it was delivered, when it was read and when it was replied to. It also allows for the creation of groups and escalation protocols for different types of emergencies. This greatly enhanced the efficiency of UltraRAD’s support operation, significantly improving their response times.

“We have been using the OnPage service for a while now; we find the service to be extremely reliable and easy to configure to meet our specific needs.” Said Bill Giunta, VP Services at UltraRAD. “All of our Service personnel use the service on a rotating basis and are very happy with the mobile app and its functionality.”

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